Split-top mattresses are becoming more and more popular, so it’s important to understand that each split-top mattress isn’t made the same. While the basic dimensions of a queen or king split-top mattress stays relatively the same, the important distinction between various split-top model mattresses is the depth of the cut separating the heads.Our sheets all have a 35″ cut – this means that any mattress that is split down the top can have a maximum cut length of 34″. While we can’t promise that each manufacturer below will continue to make their mattresses compatible with our sheets, the mattresses manufacturers and brands listed below have tested and are compatible with our sheets.

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Compatible Brands & Models

  • Posh + Lavish
  • Instant Comfort (FlexHead)
  • Integrity Foam Solutions (Chill, Sleep Euphoria lines)
  • ReST
  • Malouf (Wellsville)
  • Sleep Number (FlexTop)

If you don’t see a model on this list, that doesn’t mean our sheets aren’t compatible! It simply means that we have not tested out our sheets on that product and therefore cannot claim compatibility.

Any models that we have tested that are NOT compatible will be listed below; as of the time of the latest update, there are no known incompatible mattresses by way of direct testing.