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The Genius of the Split Head Bed

What is a Split Head Bed?

The first question many people ask when visiting our site is, “What is a split head bed?” It’s a fair question – the style is relatively new and hasn’t been saturated in media attention (yet). A split head mattress is a whole mattress (queen, king or California king, generally) that is split down the top in the very center about 30 – 35 inches. The reason for this split is to allow partners in bed to elevate their upper bodies completely independently of each other while allowing areas such as the “cuddle zone” in the center of the mattress to be utilized like on a non-split style mattress.

Split mattresses have existed for quite some time to allow their users the ability to be independent when elevating – split queen, split king and split California king sizing, while not necessarily existent in every model of every bed, are essentially the current standard for maintaining independence in the bedroom while being associated with a standard size mattress. The primary issue with this style of mattress is the requirement to suffer with the split in the center of the mattress, as when weight is applied, physics naturally allows the two mattresses to move apart. Some customers end up purchasing specialized bands, fabrics or tools that bridge that gap in part of the mattress – which goes against the entire reason for purchasing the product in the first place. A consumer shouldn’t have to DIY their expensive purchase – that’s why the split head mattress is exactly the style of mattress that you want.

Health Benefits from a Split Head Mattress

Most of the benefits to this style of mattress have to do with health – elevating your upper body allows certain bodily functions to work more efficiently, such as breathing. When elevated, gravity is working in your favor to assist in breathing, to keep your stomach acids in your stomach, and minimizes the dizziness that some people endure when rising into the upright position. While being elevated isn’t a magic cure-all, it does help with snoring, sleep apnea, GURD and various other health ailments that we endure as we age. Even slight elevations can help your body obtain a more comfortable sleeping arrangement – you don’t need to be sitting up straight to get these benefits.

This brings us to the obvious use and importance of a set of split head sheets. The mattress and the adjustable bases underneath that elevate each side – those are obviously important. However, the necessity of purchasing a specific accessory for this style of mattress can seem like an additional, unwanted burden. That’s a feeling that many people have when making a purchase of a product, only to find out that yes, you do require additional products in order to efficiently use the product you went to purchase in the first place.

Why is sheet selection important?

Here’s the thing that you should know about sheets: the sheets you choose, the material they’re made out of, absolutely affects your sleep – the effects are as noticeable as that expensive mattress that you purchased. It’s not simply a scientific measurement that states “yes, you’ll sleep 0.0001º hotter in these sheets” – physical reactions manifest based on how you’re surrounding your body. There are obvious reasons that we can bring up to explain why when it’s cold outside that you put on additional layers, or when you go out on a hike or engage in athletic events that you wear “wicking” products instead of cotton and jeans. Certain materials react differently to different environments, and your sheets and pillowcases are no different. If you like to sleep warmly, then a microfiber sheet set would be great for you. If you like breathability and despise waking up covered in sweat, you’d want a sheet set that is more natural, such as a French Linen set. Do you wake up in the middle of the night when it’s cold in your bedroom, yet your sheets have absorbed a ton of moisture? That’s due to them pulling that moisture in and making your sleep environment more humid, regardless of temperature in the bedroom.

This is why Oh Sheetz as a company started off with two styles of split head sheets: Microfiber (inexpensive, synthetic and allows the sleepers to maintain warmth throughout the night) and French Linen (expensive, all natural and temperature-modulating). These two initial choices should help the majority of users find a sheet set that is compatible with their sleeping style in their split head bed.

The point is, your sheet set is an important purchase, and while it may seem burdensome to necessitate an additional expense due to purchasing a new mattress set for reasons that probably include sleeping healthier and more effectively, a sheet set should be an active collaborator in making you sleep better.